About Us

June 2000 - The first batch of laundry powder was mixed in a 5 gallon pail to test the formula and for fun. The answer was "YES!" loud and clear from friends, family and acquaintances.

July 2000 - Moon Works Laundry Powder hit the shelves at Hansen's Foods, The Covered Wagon Farm Market (both in Leelanau County, MI) and Oryana Food Co-op (Traverse City, MI).

August 2000 - The 5 gallon pail became too small and grating Castile soap with a kitchen grater became very tedious.

September 2000 - A definite need to expand production. Moon Works purchased the first cement mixer. "Baby Clarke" - a fat, yellow mixer made by Clarke Equipment (258 pieces with some assembly required). The kitchen grater was replaced by a non-electric food processor from an Amish hardware store. It is still used for grating soap today.

September 2002 - Moon Works Laundry Powder can be purchased in 23 stores and food co-ops throughout Michigan and is available by mail order across the country.

2006 - Moon Works Laundry Powder is judged compatible with the Feingold Program and appears in the Feingold Program Shopping Guide. Feingold Association of the United States educates the public about the benefits of choosing natural food and personal care products (www.feingold.org).

2009 - Moon Works Laundry Powder is now available to our website customers in quantities of 416 oz (26 lbs) and 532 oz (52 lbs). It is shipped in square 5 gal. buckets. Great for family or neighborhood buying clubs. We are proud to announce that we now serve 58 retail stores and food co-ops in Michigan, Illinois, Iowa and Wisconsin as well as The Milkweed Mercantile at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage in Rutledge, Missouri.